Friday, November 28, 2008


a google search for willow ufgood without quotation marks will now show wufgood as the fifth (5th) 'web hit'.

this is more than i could ever have dreamed of as creator of the wufgood blog. i would like to thank all of the people who have contributed, and especially all the fans who scrolled through enough google links to get to wufgood when we were toiling as the 25th web hit or even lower.

thank you so much to the creators of blogspot without whom wufgood.blogspot would probably be wufgood.tumblr.

thanks to all the people who applied things to Warwick Davis' face and body to create 'Willow Ufgood' back in '88, without whom wufgood would have no inspiration -- we would die without you.

at this point, it might be very hard to get higher in the google rankings, because two of the hits above us are IMDb and one is wikipedia. the other one is a 'popular' fan page that gets more hits than the IMDb pages so we have our work cut out for us. we will have to acheive the status of 'internet phenomenon' in order to do this, probably.

or, if we quit now, it might be as close to 'going out on top' as we can get.

i think i will have a new life philosophy: Quit when you get to fifth place.


kari f. said...

'get hits or die tryin'

Anne Boyer said...